MY MUSEUM is a working archive for my life. Using my knowledge and experience from working at a collecting institution, I present the artifacts in MY MUSEUM in a way that educates the present in preparation for the future. Each accession in MY MUSEUM is to be considered a work-in-progress, subject to review (by me) the older I become. As a result, MY MUSEUM will constantly change. The goal of MY MUSEUM is to cultivate an appreciation for a life lived, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The title of each artifact in MY MUSEUM is its catalogue number. For example: 2020 (year) – 001 (accession number) – 001 (object ID).

2021-004-001 (MY ROCKS 2020)
A selection of my rock collection as of the end of 2020
Variable sizes

2020-003-001 (MY 2020)
Pen on paper in yearly planner
11.75” x 8.25”

Lunar New Year of the Ox decorations with the (A) Gregorian year (2020) and (B) lunar year (4719) on office stationery from the Chinese American Museum of Chicago
4.25" X 10.75" (2)

Marker drawing based off an office stationery pattern found in the collections department of the Chinese American Museum of Chicago.
9” x 12”

Documentation of circle made of snow on my 3rd floor apartment balcony during January 2021 snowstorm
Dimensions variable depending on snow acummulation from ongoing storm